Case Study: Strategic Business Plan for Social Enterprise

Completed market research & competitive analysis.
Facilitated the team as we built a plan they believed in.

A team of social entrepreneurs had an idea for an innovative model to support young adults who have aged out of the foster care system. They recruited a diverse board of civic leaders to guide the work. What they needed was alignment on a plan to realize and scale their vision. Here’s how Kirtland Consulting helped:

Strategic Business Plan Design

  • Set the outline for the necessary business plan elements
  • Provided expertise on social enterprise business model structure
  • Guided the team on prioritizing implementation steps

Market Research

  • Conducted primary & secondary research to understand the landscape for foster care aging-out support, and to validate our unique competitive advantage
  • Codified case studies with examples from other sectors that informed the approach for governance, features, and scalability

Team Workshops

  • Guided the team through a process to define & codify the Theory of Change
  • Guided board and staff through a process to craft Mission & Vision
  • Presented the plan along with staff at a board meeting

Deliverables: A strategic business plan that had the buy-in of the full board and staff. More information can be found at and via this article with the founders.