Workforce Connect is an initiative of the Cuyahoga County Workforce Funders Group.  The CCWFG is composed of 10 foundations/city/county funders and its purpose is to foster systems change that will help close the talent demand/supply gap locally. The initial goal: launch 3 Sector Partnerships in manufacturing, healthcare, and IT.

Maintain Momentum & Focus

  • Set the agenda for monthly Group meetings by highlighting priorities and necessary decisions. Provide pre-read & re-cap summaries
  • Develop and facilitate action teams to continue work between meetings; e.g., the “Value Proposition” team defined our unique value proposition

Market Research

  • Conduct & synthesize interviews with healthcare CEOs to understand local history of workforce development and develop recommendations for the healthcare partnership

Support and Strengthen Team Dynamics

  • Facilitate monthly Board meetings. Kept the Group on track, allowing everyone to be heard while ensuring no one voice dominated
  • Met individually with members as needed

Procurement Expertise

  • Design and facilitate 3 separate procurement processes to recruit a Sector Partnership Intermediary for each sector.

Deliverables: We launched 3 Sector Partnerships and kept the same 10 Funders engaged and excited throughout the 2-year journey. Workforce Connect is on its way to building a stronger local workforce system!